Cynda Hunter ​​​Ministries

"Set Apart for Purpose"
The enemy counted you out, God canceled it. The enemy declared you defeated, God canceled it. The enemy tried to take you out, God canceled it. 
When God chose you He set you apart and declared His purpose over you from the day you were born, He breathed His breath into you and called you His. 
"God has hidden you for a season which has caused confusion and havoc with your enemy, because you have become untouchable, unmovable and silent. but your time is about to arrive for release!! The Lord says to prepare your heart and mind He's about to take the restraints off of you"

In the Secret Place

The atmosphere begins to shift When a Woman of God presses her way through into the Kings chambers and lays before His throne. The power of her prayer of intercession goes forth like a mighty wave drowning out the voice of her enemies and Arresting her accusers! 
Her submission to her King and the prostrate position of her heart that lays before the King of Kings has caught the attention of her Lord! 
Her Lord watches and listens to her every word as she pours out the last drop of strength at her Saviors feet!
Hell can’t stop her nor can the Fiery darts touch her! She can’t be shaken! She can’t be moved! She can’t be silenced because She has broken through every barrier, pressed through every obstacle and fought every battle and she’s still standing! 
God knew she wouldn’t give up and she wouldn’t give in. He knew she was a “Woman of Valor” that’s why he chose her!
Woman of God YOU’VE ALREADY WON. Your faith has brought you Victory!

The Battle is Almost Over!

​Stay Focused! Don't look to the left or to the right. This battle has VICTORY written all over it with your name attached. When you come out You going to be equipped with more than you went in! 

Watch God Put you in places only your enemies will watch! 

Proverbs 4:27